Are you wondering if a waist trainer can work in a week?

Well it did for me and today I will break down my exact results for my first  7 days of waist training!

A waist trainer can work within a week and you can start seeing a result.  The result, however, will not be drastic. In your first week of waist training, you are still seasoning but you may begin to notice it taking shape so from the outside your figure looks svelte.  However, when you take off your waist trainer your results during your first week of waist training maybe not be as defined but certain benefits such as: more erect posture can give an immediate result of more bigger boobs and can also slightly change the position of the fat or at a minimum the appearance. Just think about when you sulk and how you look vs standing erect. 

Before we dive into deeper into waist training let’s talk about what kind of waist trainer I am speaking of.

True waist training begins with steel boning as that is what truly “trains your waist.” All those other so called waist trainers on the market that do not have “steel bones” are a waist of your time and are just playing with your emotions. 

What makes a good waist trainer to see quicker results?

So if you want to see results in your first week the first step is to make sure you have a true waist training corset with steel bones.

What you maybe using for waist training maybe worthless.

First, if the have plastic bones they are usually for waist training it will be more like a “fashion corset” and your waist will only temporarily look smaller but it will revert back once the waist training garment is taken off.  Plastic does not behave like steel and to be honest even if you are just temporarily needed a corset for a night and you wanted to reduce your waistline like Kim K at the Met Ball. You still will be better off with a steel bone corset to do quality tightlacing.


For me, I lost about 1/2 inch during my first-week waist training. So it did work for me.  Also, seeing a result for my waist trainer in a short amount of time gave me the boost I needed to continue on this new journey.

It’s sort of the same way for when you start working out and immediately see a good result!

When I started waist training I actually had no plan to write this article, you will tell by the quality of pictures I took which were for my benefit of progress and not for the intent of publication.

When I first started waist training a few months ago I wanted results fast I mean in a week fast because I needed to feel vindicated.


Because people close to me who knew I was doing this had all this commentary about how my organs were going to shift and it was not healthy and ya-da-ya-da…

To be honest, that is why when I am doing something often times I will keep it to myself because I don’t want to hear everyone’s opinion since waist training can be a controversial topic because it has been vilified in the media since at least I was a child.

To be honest, it didn’t get mainstream appeal to several years ago to celebs where in re-entered our social consciousness again.

The internet is always looking for quick fixes and when it comes to the waist training game it is no different.

So real talk this waist training thing has been going on for a while but honestly it’s still confusing. I mean I was slowly walking to waist training because I am low key skeptical of any marketing pushes that are generated by the Kardashians.

What happens if I wear a waist trainer for a week?


Here is the summary of what I noticed when I wore my waist trainer for a week:

  • Better Posture
  • Suppressed Appetite
  • Boobs looked Perkier
  • A reduction of 1/2 inch off my waist line

Some people wear waist trainers to help their posture due to back issues.  Although, back pain does not plague me I did notice that my posture did change for the better.  I was never really a slouch or anything, but a proper steel-boned corset will keep your body erect and that alone can help to change your perception about your midsection and its appearance.

Having a better posture will often make your midsection appear more defined in the mirror.  It is the same reason, why celebs don’t slouch when they are taking red carpet photos because when you are hunched over your body propels outward causing things like your gut and stomach a less than smooth appearance.   This is the same trick many YouTube users who want to show before and after photos do.  When they want to show you drastic results of before and after pictures, so you can click their thumbnail they will just be less erect for the “before” photo and then change their body posture to show you the desired result which is the “after” photo.

My boobs were definitely more perkier and it is a known benefit that a waist trainer can make your breast look bigger. The underbust area of the waist trainer that hits right below your breast has the ultimate push up effect.  This is why for some women who naturally have bigger breast will forgo bras with any further lift or push up while waist training if they don’t want their breast to hit the ceiling!

A suppressed appetite is perhaps one of the most desired outcomes that many hope for when waist training besides a slimmer waist.  I think it definitely varies from person to person the degree of which your appetite will be suppressed.  However, the first week of waist training I did start to change up the way I ate and I had to learn how to eat with a waist trainer on so that I could continue waist training for the long haul.


Can you eat with a waist trainer on?

Waist training can be a natural meal suppressant so as a result it can help with seeing results within 7 days as the compression from the stomach can make you stop eating when you normally would have passed through.  Especially, if you take your time and eat.  I can honestly tell you that there have been many times that I have eaten too fast and my meal caught up to me and I literally felt like I wanted to throw up after the corset compressed against my tummy because I was too full.

Also, a waist trainer might also help you lose weight the first week because  certain foods you would just ravish through you might not want to eat and even if you do eat you might take it slower and the waist trainer is sort of like a defacto portion controller. I noticed that starch heavy foods that I used to crave I didn’t want at the same quantity especially after I had because lighter foods that are good for you like fruits and vegetables.

The easy flow of food going through your digestion system will have you double thinking about what you place in your mouth!

For example, within like the first week or two of waist training with my corset I ate a classic Southern meal:

  • Pot roast
  • White Rice
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Cabbage
  • Cornbread

I fixed the portions I normally would eat and ate so rapidly that I didn’t realize I was full 10 bites ago.

Then I am sitting on the sofa and all of a sudden on the sofa and all that food was starting to come up like bile in my mouth for a mini-vomit session.

That was my lesson right there on the importance of taking my time to eat with and give my body time for proper digestion especially for things that take longer to digest like meats like pot roast, etc.

I could remember my grandma’s old saying ringing through my head when my brother would fix a plate way too big

“boy you eating with your eyes!”

That was me that day, I was trying to eat with my eyes and this corset was not having any of it!  The waist trainer forced me to slow down. 

I have learned to take my time eating now. Eating with a corset is definitely okay. I keep my corset on daily and I never take it off for eating.  I can eat a  full meal with no problem like I did before. I just suggest you take your time eating, which we should be doing anyway to allow.  Research has shown that slow eating can help with weight loss and weight loss will in turn help you with your waist training goals and help you slim down faster.

 How long to wear a waist trainer to see results?

In order to see some more drastic results I suggest waist training for at least 30 days and to keep waist training for several months.  Although I did see some results waist training for a week. 

Remember, your first week of waist training you will be seasoning your corset.  That means that you will not be wearing it at full capacity as you want the corset to confirm to your shape and its important to take your time so that you don’t rush the process and causing an adverse reaction like a “warped corset.” 

This is important to note, because if you are gauging your success or ability to achieve long term results on that first week–it is faulty logic because you are not even wearing the corset at full capacity.  

Even still, although my corset was not fully seasoned I lost about a 1/2 inch my first 7 days of waist training. 

I felt like after a month of waist training my corset was fitting like a glove to my shape. Within my first month I dropped two inches off my waist. My torso, waist area started to curve like a snake and I started to get those “how do you get your waist so small” comments at the store when I wore my waist trainer out in public, which was all the time for me because I was not “stealthing” I wore my corset over my clothes. 

Waist training does work and seeing those results which may seem nominal at first during the 7 days of waist training may seem like no big deal as we all know the quickest way to get someone to click on a YouTube video or article is to say “how you can improve X in 2 hours.” However,  what I find with results is that they are relative for me, losing that 1/2 inch in my first week of wearing a waist trainer  did not feel like hard work.  The most meticulous part was my corset seasoning schedule which in short included me tightening my laces every few hours and I used my phone timer to keep up with the intervals with check boxes to keep up with my routine.  After the originally corset seasoning regimen I mean I just lace up the corset and put it on before I started my work day then took it off at the end of my shift of an hour or two afterwards. 

In conclusion, a waist trainer can work within a week.  However, I invite you to not gauge yourself by the first week but instead to keep going for a few months to really see what results you can achieve.