Fajas has had some resurgence as a formidable shapewear competitor with Spanx which has many wondering in the case of faja’s vs Spanx which one takes the top spot. 

Most people know about Spanx but when it comes to fajas there maybe more questions about it?

Today, I plan to breakdown some of the differences between fajas vs Spanx so you can pick the one that is right for you!

When it comes to fajas vs Spanx their history plays a role into how they are crafted and made. Additionally, their manufactured purpose  makes a difference as well when it comes to fit.  More specifically, Spanx with its beginnings in retail and fajas recent history as a medical compression garment can sometimes mean that the compression levels are different.  Although, there are still cheaper renditions of fajas on the market, overall if you are comparing apples to apples–a Spanx undergarment vs a medical grade faja, their are some differences among them, with compression being one of the most important difference and aspect of fajas and Spanx.  Overall, a good quality faja seems to snatch you up better than Spanx. Put it like this if I was going to a red carpet event and I wanted to look flawless and I had to choose between the two for me a faja wins.

I have my reasons but this isn’t about me. It’s about you so let’s discuss some of the differences today!

What is a faja good for? 


Fajas are the original girdle and has been used in Latin America for years. We all know that girdles were the original shapewear. Fajas are good for keeping your body compressed it will help you body look smooth if you are tying to conceal things like belly fat, FUPA lumps, roll here are there even if you are embracing your body in all its glory there maybe that time when you just want to pop on the scene and look your baddest and you To look svelte they is what Fajas are good for. They will give you a sleeker appearance. A special note about faja’s they can feel like a bit of ordeal to put on because a faja compression levels are seriously no joke and they can be real tight, like can literally take you 15-20 minutes to put on and for some people they may have to get assistance.  This is something that you don’t have to worry about with an undergarment like Spanx. Make sure to check out the video below, it breaks down the mechanics of getting a faja on!



Fajas vs Spanx: A Breakdown


At its core Spanx works a lot like fajas in that their goal is to make your body silhouette look more smoother and hide things like lumps, cellulite, etc. Spanx original goal however was not as an hourglass shaper and I think this makes a difference in how it fits vs the faja.  The faja’s intent as a curve “creator” to create that infamous coke bottle shape with the garment made to not only conceal problematic areas but to enhance them as well.   Faja’s have continued this journey as the go to garment to maintain proper compression post liposuction and Brazilian Butt lift further solidifies faja’s in this realm of shape creator and shape fixer upper!  Don’t get me wrong Spanx can do wonders to help problem areas otherwise it would have not become the juggernout of the company it is.  It is just that fajas are working in beast mode.  Spanx may feel more breathable than a faja as the fabric texture is more lightweight.  Here is something I notice about Spanx in that the shaper seems to compress all around, like it will keep your body in check for your problem areas but I feel it also inadvertenly compress my booty down, which I don’t want! If you got a lot of booty to work with like Megan thee Stallion that maybe okay but if you do not, then you have to be careful with Spanx slimming that area down with minimal butt lift mechanism. 

 Whereas a faja has that main objective to lift the booty and makes butt enhancement as part of it’s DNA.  If you look at the faja companies advertisements, description of product with its features and benefits you will notice it.  Even the models the focus is on the volumptous shape vs Spanx models are typically slim.  You can see even in that regard how important booty lift and also breast lifts when it comes to a faja. 


Spanx vs Fajas Cost


Spanx is a major company with a registered trademark and so there is more set pricing on their items.

In Spanx bodysuit category at the time of this article range is from $58-$168.  However, when it comes to fajas there are so many different brands out there not including the plethora of options of Amazon that its harder to pin down the costs but in general most fajas can run from $35  to  even $  200 +  for the higher grade fajas  meant for medical compressions and BBL’s.

You really have to be more careful with faja selection because throughout the brands you will find inconsistencies in pricing and quality. 

With Spanx they have a corporate standard whereas fajas are more all over the place and you have to filter out the good from the bad.

Then figure out if you really want to pay more for the good.  Many people who don’t understand how a good faja can work wonders sometimes think they are expensive but we will look more into that next.

Why are Fajas so expensive?


So to be clear all fajas are not expensive you can get cheaper fajas on Amazon and other online places however it may be a case you get what you pay for.

Reviewing online websites I found fajas listed as low as $$$$$$ on Amazon.

Here are some of the reviews:

Now consider a legit fajas company that specialize in fajas many of them with custom fit.  These companies specialize and have been doing it for years.  For example, having a faja produced in Columbia means that you will have a top notch garment is epicenter of quality faja production and is the most well respected producer on the market. 

When reviewing the cost of faja shapewear you have to consider that fajas for a long time fell out of favor with people as a shapewear garment for a while.  We take for granted shapewear cult like status due to Spanx helping to catapult it back to the mainstream plus social media pushes from people like the Kardashian’s. However, fajas was relagated to being a medical post op plastic surgery like BBL, etc  as such there easily is a premium placed on a garment that is being used to help with your recovery from an expensive medical procedure. After you have spent thousands on surgery grabbing a faja for a couple of hundred dollars is not really that expensive.  Fajas are so much associated with a compression garment for surgery that many people are concerned that do fajas work without surgery and the answer is “yes”, fajas can work as body shaper with or without surgery. 

In regards, to how expensive some faja’s can get, here is something I learned years ago working at Neiman Marcus in college.

You pay for good quality once you pay for bad quality over and over again.

Now I will admit there are some designers quality is trash but they were the exception to the rule.

If you feel like the faja is too expensive.

Consider calculating the cost per use, that is something you can easily do to see if this is really worth it?

You basically think about how many uses you will get out of the garment.

So if you plan to wear it every day for a year, then it costs then like a few cents per day.


Do fajas really shape your body?

Although fajas can be a shortcut to shaping your body, they are not a permanent solution to achieving to really transform your body in the long run.

Defintely, while you have the faja on it will alter your shape and conceal problem areas, but I think of shapewear in general like fajas and Spanx in the same realm of makeup concealer. In that, while the concealer is on it helps to hide problematic areas but once you wash your face those problem areas will reappear. The same with faja shapewear it will only provide a temporary solution ultimately your body shape will do more work than just throwing on a garment and letting it sit on your body.  Outside of a body modification garment like a waist trainer, they aren’t many garments that can change the structure of your body.  Ultimately, you will need to diet and exercise or at least calorie reduction–to shape up your body vs solely relying on a faja.  I know online there are a lot of claims that a faja can change your shape, but honestly ask yourself if a faja could really change your shape permanently and I mean not just temporarily wouldn’t there be any faja’s left on the shelves anywhere???

Fajas can work in a similar fashion like a waist trainer in that some people will report some level of waist reduction as there maybe some water weight reduction in that area.  What you can do is that you can use the faja while your body is converting to your ideal shape to give you that coke bottle shape in the meantime while you are working on shaping your body.

Especially if you plan to go the surgery route with a BBL or liposuction I would recommend wearing a faja before your BBL or other surgery that time so that people’s most recent memory of you is having a shapely figure so post-surgery it will not be like “what work did she get?”

I mean nowadays people are bragging about plastic surgery but for those who still want to keep it on the low, I would recommend this method.

In the meantime, if you want to skip surgery and just do it old school then try a faja or Spanx now that you know some of the differences, you can now figure out what works best for you and your needs! HAVE FUN!