Are you trying to decide if you should wear a girdle to help you lose weight?

Well, today I will help you break it down, I’ve had a lot of years of girdle watching vicariously through my mom and other women around me plus my own experience and so I know a little something about girdles that I want to share with you today.

When it comes to girdles they have many benefits however, big amounts of weight loss are not one of them.  However, you may see people online report weight loss especially with fajas–which is a type of girdle that has extreme compression levels, however that is typically water weight.

However, there is more to say about this, so let’s dissect this further!

Is it OK to wear a girdle every day..what will happen?

If you google something like what happens if you wear a girdle every day, you will find a mix of advice with pros and cons of wearing a girdle every day.

In general, here are some benefits of wearing a girdle every day:

  • Better Posture
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Weight loss

Girdles like waist trainers can help keep the back erect and can help improve bad posture.  Additionally, the “snug” feeling of girdles with its tighter compression can provide a therapeutic benefit in that it can be self-loathing much like hugging yourself is shown to provide relief, so is the tight hug of a girdle. Although girdles do not help you lose weight per se, if perception is the key to your reality, then a girdle can help you look slimmer in the mirror which may help to keep you motivated with your workout regimen.


This medical article discusses reasons why a girdle maybe bad for you:

  • Skin Irritation
  • Acid-Reflux
  • Poor Circulation
  • Varicose Veins

Additionally, many people wonder if its safe to wear a girdle through the night?


I can tell you I know many women who back in the day would wear girdles through the night especially since corsets were not socially acceptable to wear.  Some of these women began wearing girdles in their teen years.  These women swear that girdles help them to snatch their waist.

Now, if you know anything about shapewear you know that its results are temporary at best and when you take off the girdle or shaping panties, etc everything reverts back to normal.  However, just like in the case of my mom who says that a belt was the reason for her 21″ inch waist well into adulthood, I will knock the advice of my elders and totally discount old beauty wisdom.  However, I do wonder for the women who started at such an early age did they have permanent shaping effects due to the fact they were using girdles as their body cartilage was still soft and so more prone to body modification.  These are just my thoughts, however, but it is documented that cartilage grows until a person is about 25 years old. Hence, the reason that corseting is not advised for teenagers.

So really the question becomes if you wear a girdle at night will it help you lose weight or snatch your waist?

The real answer that “no” it appear like most shapewear a girdle would not change anything drastic, but it may make you feel better about problem areas and to me that worth in weight in gold!


Can a girdle help flatten your stomach?

Do compression garments help you lose weight?

Compression garments like girdles, shapewear, etc cannot help you lose weight.   However, online you may see opposing views about this, and mostly it will come from companies who are trying to sell you compression garments.

This is why you may see weight loss claimed as a result of wearing shapewear like fajas, girdles, Spanx, etc.

People will say wear a faja or girdle while exercising to help you lose weight and really all you are doing is losing water weight and no real weight loss is occurring. You are not going to lose belly fat. Plus wearing a girdle while exercising does not really help, it actually can hurt in that your abdominal muscles and core may get conditioned to not work as hard. As such, it might be better to actually take it off while exercising and actually work your core muscles.

Remember girdles are not a replacement for diet and exercise.  In order to have any real weight loss, you need to eat properly and follow an appropriate calorie deficit meal plan and exercise.

Just think about it if a compression garment could help you lose any major weight, there would be none left on the shelf.