You have asked the  internet “can you be an hourglass with hip dips?”  and the internet has spoken “yes you can.” But if you wondering how and why all this even came up?

Then stay tuned…because the internet is funny like that, it gives you issues and then tells you how to fix them.

The discussion surrounding body shapes and particular the question of rather you can be an hourglass with hip dips should not even exist. The reality is that your body shape is a mix of genetics, skeletal structure, body distribution of fat cells and the hip dips are more uniquely about a laser focused area which is your upper thigh.  The indentations on your thigh–hip dips–can exist in many body shapes including an hourglass shape. An hourglass figure has more to do with the bust to hip to waist ratio and the fact you have hip dips does not negate the measurements that make you an hourglass.  

There is no one out there who is going to say “welp you are an hourglass but since you got them hip dips you are out the hourglass club!”

As a matter of fact all you have to do is look at a few celebrities with hip dips that many admire for their body shape to see where I am coming from.

To be honest hip dips have gone largely unnoticed until recently. Hence the earlier saying that the internet brought this to light and now people are seeking to fix an issue that years ago no one cared about at all!

What Causes Hip Dips?


Hip dip causes are a mix of genetics and how your pelvis is shaped, these thigh indentations are a normal part of your body structure.  Folks we are dealing with anatomy here, your skeletal structure is something you cannot change and it varies from person to person. This is why hip dips can be more and less prominent on one person vs another even though if they are the same weight and height.  Also, genetics can play a key role, as every person’s body composition is different with how body distributes.  So how the fat is stored around the hips also plays a role in the causation of hip dips.  According to Mind Muscle “The vertical distance between the ilium and greater trochanter, the size of the greater trochanter and the distance between the Ilium and hip socket can create the appearance of hip dips as well as how much muscle you have around your glutes and your body fat levels.” Basically in a nutshell, your hips dips have to do with your skeletal system and the distance between your ilium and hip socket as such the baseline of the cause of hip dips points back to genetics and how your skeletal system was formed. 

How to Get Rid of Hip Dips?

If you feel the need to get rid of hip dips the best way is to work on your lower body. A lower body workout that focuses on the upper hip and glute area.  You many not ever totally get rid of hip dips but you can potentially minimize them.  Remember our conversation earlier about how hip dips have to do with genetics and how your skeletal system is composed. Well remember that when you are trying to address how to get rid of hip dips and you  are trying all these various exercises on the internet, no one is like you and how one person gets rid of their hip dips may differ for you.  Your goal is to gain body fat that will eventually hit that midsection while focusing on lean muscle gain in your glutes area. 

What body shape has hip dips?


Pretty much everyone has hip dips its more of a degree to which they occur on your shape. So varying body shapes (hourglass, pear, spoon, etc) they exist because it has to do with pelvic shape and that varies. Hip dips are not unique to one body shape because it is based on our anatomy and our skeletal system.  

For example you can be an hourglass shape with hip dips.  An hourglass has to do with bust-hip-waist ratio and so with that you can have all those characteristics but also have thigh indentations.

Is there a waist trainer for hip dips?

A waist trainer’s focus is on the waist, however, there are lifting shapers that can help lift and therefore plump up the area decreasing the look of the thigh indentation.  A faja might be a better option and I discuss this more in this article comparison of faja vs. a waist training corset. 

Do hip dips mean you have wide hips?

Hip dips does not necessarily mean you have wide hips. However, if you have wide hips they may be more noticeable.  The same way skin can sag on skinny people vs not so skinny people, but a person may notice it differently on a different body structure.  It’s about appearance and noticeability. 

Weight doesn’t necessarily determine if you will have hip dips or not it’s about your body structure including your skeletal system with your pelvic region.

I have hip dips and to be honest, I never cared one bit about them.  I didn’t love or hate them just didn’t think about it all.  I remember being a child practicing my model pose singing Ru Pauls “you better werk” and reflecting back my “hip dips” were these little indentations that I just placed my hand over when trying to emulate Tyra Banks or Naomi Campbell pose. 

In my prime as a teenager back when I had a flawless body, it was nothing I was ashamed of as I graced the beach in all my hip dip glory.  Now all of a sudden is something to be “fixed” or something that I should not feel ashamed about fixing in a body positivity declaration.

Here is the thing, you can be an hourglass with hip dips because I am and many others are too.

Next, if you want to fix them go ahead. Also, if you are like me who can not keep up with the rising tide of things a woman is supposed to fix with her body then don’t worry about it.

However, just know that the hourglass shape can be flawless with or without hip dips.

So in conclusion, you can be an hourglass with hip dips and I double-dog dare anyone to say you can’t!