Honey is one of nature’s truest gems, it has so many great components to it that makes it good for your face. It has been used throughout centuries to heal the wounds of fallen soldiers and of course it was used as a beauty preparation since the days of ancient Roman and Egypt. 

One of the great things about honey is that the antioxidants in honey help to repair damaged skin and improve skin tone and elasticity. 

So let’s dive in and check out all the buzz around how honey works for your face!


Is it good to apply honey on your face daily?

Natural honey will not expire, and think about this almost all of your store bought products will expire! As such, I think we can agree that honey is better suited for daily uses than a lot of other products. Additionally, honey is widely used in commercial cosmetics which attests to its ability “bee’s honey is used in preparing facial washes, skin moisturizers, hair conditioners and in treatment of pimples”

Honey is a natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic.  It contains hydrogen peroxide which is one of the reasons for its healing properties. Even the most sensitive of skins can typically use honey because it so soothing, gentle, and mild.

Can honey remove pimples?

Honey acts as an antiseptic and is a natural remedy for occurrences of infected acne. Manuka honey is has excellent healing properties and is ideal for treating skin conditions. It would be misleading to say honey “removes pimples” however as mentioned before bees honey is used in the treatment of pimples. Because it is an antimicrobial agent it helps to keep the skin healthy. Many natural acne treatments use honey because of its antibacterial properties. Honey has great moisturizing qualities which is discussed further below. According to medical research some evidence shows that moisturizers can contribute independently to improve signs and symptoms of acne.  


How do you use honey as a moisturizer?

Honey is the perfect ingredient to add to the skin creams because it keeps the skin hydrated and stops the skin from drying out. Remember proper skin moisture is a major component when trying to reduce wrinkles. Honey is a humectant, which is a substance that hydrates the skin and keeps moisture from evaporating.

You can always try to apply honey neat to your skin or a diy honey mask to aid in moisturizing your skin.









    * Wash your face to open the pores

* Blend oatmeal with the honey

* Mix until a smooth paste is formed

* Apply to face and let sit for 15-30 minutes

* Rinse off

Use the DIY Honey + Oatmeal Face Mask once a week for glowing skin!

Side Effects of Applying Honey on the Face 

Honey with its plethora of healing properties is perceived as safe product for most people when applied to the skin. Honey has the power to calm the most tender and inflamed skin and seems to agree with the most troubled skin.  However, if you are concerned about adverse reactions to honey on your face, like most new beauty regimes I would recommend you test honey first in a small area. There is always exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking honey is not likely to cause an allergic reaction, however some other ingredients you may be adding to your honey facial routine could be the culprit!

Honey for Oily Skin 

Honey can keep oil at bay, because honey is a natural humectant. Humectants are essential part of any good skin care regimen because they draw moisture to your skin as it attracts water from the dermis to epidermis. Honey is great for oily skin because it attracts and retains moisture without the need to replace it, so it is a great addition to those with oily skin.

How to Apply Honey on Your Face 

Before you apply honey to your face make sure you wash your face so that your skin is clean and your pores are open.  Spread raw manuka honey over your face making sure to avoid the eyes.  Apply honey on your face by simply pouring honey onto your fingertips or directly on your face then patting it on damp skin. I use the Japanese skin care technique of patting vs. rubbing  to prevent possible skin sagging with rough movements.  A raw honey mask helps to hydrate and purify the skin.


How to Apply Honey on Your Face Overnight 

Applying honey on your face overnight is a great addition to your nightly skincare routine. Letting honey works its magic overnight can do wonders for your face.  By adding honey to your overnight face routine can kick your moisturizing game into overdrive!

TIP: If you want to take your moisturizer to the next level. Mix a drop of raw honey into your cream before applying to help the hydration and help to penetrate your skin more deeply overnight.

Honey for Face Glow 

Using honey for your face can help you achieve a natural face glow. Moreover, honey is a mild natural exfoliant which helps to remove dead cells to give you the brightest skin.  By using honey as part of your daily regime it will help you achieve glowing skin for the long term.  Honey has keratoylic qualities which means that it encourages removal of dead skin cells from the skin surface greatly improving the radiance and skin complexion giving your face that supreme glow. 


With all the wonders that honey can do for your face its shocking that any exists on stock shelves. By doing the research for writing this article I too, was reminded of just how wonderful honey is.  This week on my shopping list will be honey, honey, and more honey!


Honey on Your Face