Today I would like to show you how to get rid of and prevent the waist training marks that often time come with waist training.

 When it comes to waist training marks some marks are just temporary creases in your skin that you will get rid of once the corset goes off.  Other more serious waist training marks like bumps, etc may require that you treat the area before you can return back to waist training. In order to get rid of waist training marks, it’s important to keep your skin as clean and dry as possible, treat the rashes, bumps, etc that have occurred and where a protective barrier between your skin and your corset so that you can prevent occurrences like this in the future.

Are waist trainers supposed to leave marks?

Waist trainers with steel bones can and will leave marks on your skin.  Just because you see marks doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong.  However, you have to listen to your body and figure out if you are going overboard and leaving marks that could cause you concern.

For example, I have very sensitive skin that kind that keloids, and also I have to worry about minor things like if a mosquito bit me and I scratch it I can risk scarring.

Also, marks for me will often leave a residual hyperpigmentation scar.

So protecting my skin while waist training is very important for somebody like me.

In order to protect my skin while waist training, I do not put anything on it that can leave can cause moisture. My concern is that any sweating that may occur mixed with unnecessary elements such as lotions, etc could have an adverse effect on my skin.  If I do put anything on my skin I make sure it’s completely dry before I put on my waist trainer.

Second, I never wear my corset on my bare skin there is always a shirt covering, and if marks are a concern you can consider a double layer such as a corset liner to provide an added layer of protection.

I usually have marks on my skin every day as shown in the cover picture but they are temporary indentations from where the steel bones pressed into my skin. There are not ones that are permanent and I have no scarring rash or blemish because of waist training.

I am darker skin so my marks do not show color but lighter-skinned people may have temporary “red marks” from waist trainer digging into the skin.

After taking the corset off, the waist training marks are present but disappear within an hour of me taking the corset off.

Why is my waist trainer giving me bumps?

Your waist trainer is giving your bumps because the skin has become irritated with the sweat and heat and all that friction between your skin and corset. This is especially the case if you do not have a good barrier between your skin and the corset.

The bumps can be the foreshadowing of worst things to come such as blisters, rashes, etc. This is your time to take heed and nip this in the bud before it gets out of control.

Why does my skin itch after wearing a waist trainer?

Your skin might be itching after waist training due to the accumulation of sweat and heat from the skin.  You know when a person has a cast on their arm and it’s all itchy underneath at times.  You should follow the similar advice of a person whose body is wrapped in like a cast. Keep the area cool, clean, and dry.  You don’t want dirt and oil mixing together with the sweat which can cause you to itch.

This is why corset care can really come into play.  You are not going to be washing your corset every time you wear it like you would undergarments. As such, you want to provide a protective barrier between you and the corset so you are not getting any irritation from the corset with dirt or sweat built up also you are also protecting the corset for long-term usage.

Wearing a protective corset liner or a camisole or tank top underneath can do wonders.

How to treat rash from a waist trainer?

The best way to get rid of a rash from a waist trainer is to follow a baby rash treatment regimen. By treating your damaged skin from waist training in the same manner that is similar to the most sensitive skin on earth–baby skin, you can make sure you will not cause your body more harm.

How to get rid of a rash from a waist trainer?

Here are some steps to help you get rid of the rash and chafing from a waist trainer.

  1. Keep the area clean and dry
  2. Try rubbing Aloe Vera Gel into skin
  3. Coconut Oil can help treat and prevent rashes
  4. Protect your skin from moisture by applying zinc oxide or petroleum jelly
  5.  Apply a cream with licorice extracts which soothes minor skin irritation

While your skin is healing consider giving it a break from using a waist trainer while it heals to prevent further friction and possibly aggravating the area.  I mean what’s the point of having a slim waist if it’s riddled with red bumps and irritated skin.  Take care of your skin/health first then once you get rid of a rash and red marks from the waist trainer then you can put your corset on and re-start your waist training journey.

TIP: When putting on moisturizers or gels into the skin make sure that it is fully absorbed into the skin which may take up to 5-20 minutes for standard moisturizers and even longer for thicker substances like Vaseline, etc.