If you are wondering how to lose weight but still stay slim thick, well today I can help break it down for you, because I recently just lost some weight with the goal of maintaining a slim thick figure.

I think you can agree with me that losing weight loss but staying slim thick can be tricky.  However, there are some key elements that you can abide by that we will go over today to make the process more clearer to you.

Mainly if you want to maintain a slim thick figure while losing weight, you will have to make every calorie you have count towards healthy weight loss that also has proteins to support healthy lean muscles that you will need for your slim thick workouts. 

There is definitely more to than story than this that I will break down further below.


So this was me a few months ago. 

I was wanting to lose weight but I didn’t want to lose my butt, thighs, etc.

I had been here before post-pregnant and I had to lose some weight but now years later with a slower metabolism, I had to get it right.

In my head were the lyrics from Sir Mix A Lot “Baby Got Back.”

“You can do side bends or situps but please don’t lose that butt.” Honestly, that lyric explains the struggle in a “nutshell” of how do I lose weight but still be slim thick? 

Here is the simplest explanation:  

The best way to lose weight and still be slim thick is that you can decrease your caloric intake, however, still make protein and exercising a part of your regimen.

First, I  will tell you some general guidelines to follow, then I will summarize my personal journey including what I learned along the way of going from on the thicker side to just slim thick.

Below are some general guidelines to help you map out what things you need to pay attention to and what actions to start taking to help you lose weight but be slim thick.

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You will need protein to help build lean muscle mass.  Your goal is to lose the fat and replace it with lean muscle.  Proteins are an important portion of muscle building. Also, losing any belly fat and flatten up your stomach to have that perfect snatched-up waist area is a major component of the slim thick figure. The key with proteins, while you are trying to lose weight, is to choose healthy options like:

You don’t want to get protein from things like sugary yogurt, processed meats, and other unsavory bad protein sources.

Eating protein from unhealthy protein will be counterproductive to your mission which is to gain lean muscle while you lose body fat–if you are for example eating sugary yogurt this will not help with your caloric reduction which is another important aspect of losing weight to get thicker.  Try switching out unhealthy snacking with these all-natural protein-based smoothies and milkshakes which provide protein from healthy sources.


You need a healthy calorie reduction.  I first tried intermittent fasting and I reached a plateau with intermittent fasting and to me it wasn’t worth all the sacrifice the hangriness I was feeling. It was my second merry-go-round with intermittent fasting it just didn’t work for me.

I wanted it to, I mean I only listen to probably 50,000 hours of YouTube videos and Dr.Berg was my virtual siamese twin, because of how tied at the hip I was listening to his soothing videos.

It just didn’t work for me the outcome actually was no real difference than just eating at whatever time I felt like but just reducing my calories.

I began to wonder if it just wasn’t meant for people who didn’t have a lot of weight to lose.

So going back to the gospel of YouTube again I saw this video about this girl who lost weight by tracking her calories via a fitness app. I am not a calorie tracker type of person. I used to bartend I have secretly mocked those girls you know the type who sit there and don’t eat and ask for the calories of everything (it wasn’t a chain restaurant so there were no calories listed) and then drink water and takes one fry off their date’s plate.

I didn’t want to obsess over calories like that I wanted to eat and thrive and live my life but also lose some weight. 

I found the app to be very helpful and easy to use.

This is not a sponsored post, I honestly just like My Fitness App.

This is why I think it could help you with losing weight but keep your slim thick figure.

  • It keeps track of your goal weight
  • It keeps track of your food types
  • It keeps track of your calorie count
  • To me it’s an accountability thing.

So exactly how does this all work?

You do not have to use My Fitness App there are many different options, for keeping track of about any and everything these days. However, if even if you want to do it manually that is okay just as long as you have some sort of mechanism that works for you.

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You need to know your goals so you can have something to work towards to.

I am telling you this is so important. Even if you are not typically the “type of person” that writes something down and “wing it.”

Logging it down will greatly increase your ability to obtain your goal weight.

The thing about a slim thick weight is that it will vary for each person, especially if you have weight to lose.  Everyone will lose weight in different areas.

For example, when my mom loses weight the last place she will lose it is her butt she is genetically built with a slim thick figure. Her weight distributes to her lower half and she loses first in the top half of her body before the lower half.

For others if they drop any weight they lose in their butt first. I wish I could say I was more like my mom, but honestly if I drop weight I have to watch it because my booty will turn square like if I am not careful.

It’s okay to readjust your goals, as you continue but just have one.


When you are trying to lose weight it is important that you keep a track of the right food types. For example, if you are going to have only so many calories you are going to have if you are doing a calorie reduction then making sure you are getting the right types of foods to become very important.

For example, let’s just say you only have 1200 calories in order for you to lose weight.

Then you must make sure every calorie counts!
If you eat for lunch a hamburger that’s 500 calories is not a good idea.  However, maybe you could eat celery because that is about 6 calories and then add some peanut butter for a snack. Then have lunch.

Then instead of a hamburger for lunch, you could have chicken breast (remember protein is good for building slim thick muscle) with lettuce (lettuce has almost no calories) then splash some apple cider vinegar (which can be an appetite suppressant) instead of dressing for less than 500 calories including your peanut butter and celery snack.
And so you see…knowing what type of slim thick foods are best for you which will be the ones that can fill you up and provide you protein for that lean muscle build by also feeling your body with good wholesome food.


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If you are serious about losing weight but staying thick you will have to make sure that even with your calorie reduction that you are focusing on tightening up your lower body.

For that peach booty and thick thighs that save lives, you will need to focus on glutes exercise and exercise in beast mode.

Additionally, pay attention to slimming down the waist with some ab exercises for that perfect snatched waist to complement your new slim thick figure.

Here is a tip if you want to fast track slimming down your waist try some waist training to boost your results!

I like this 2-week hourglass challenge from Janekate Fitness on Youtube for a solid slim thick workout plan, here is a sample video to check out below as well!

So what did I do?

Well, truth moment I went the low impact route, I walked morning, noon, and night.  My job and its 70 hour work weeks (I was salaried so I didn’t get paid for the extra hours) I walked for sanity. Trying to find the time for an extra workout wasn’t always working for me.

Additionally, at that time, my kids were doing virtual school and so in addition to the 70-hour workweek I had to work an additional 25 hours as a part-time teacher because of all the fact the virtual teachers were not doing any teaching, just assigning lesson and expecting the kids to watch YouTube videos to figure it out!

I did, however, occasionally just dance in my bathroom (it is the only quiet place in my house where I can go without being interrupted my family), where I just would dance until it got to hot and sweaty and I would stop.

I wanted to let you know that there is more than one way to lose weight but stay slim thick there is the preferred way but as you can see my journey was a little different. I wanted to let you know that because there is no rush my way was perhaps a little slower and if you follow a good regimen with a solid meal and workout plan you can lose weight while also building the muscle or the slim thick figure on a quicker timeline.





Your unique set of characteristics that make you–you…your genetics play a role in how you lose weight versus another person. As explained in this article, “the first place men typically lose weight is the belly, while women tend to lose weight all over, but hold onto weight in their thighs and hips.” Fat melts out differently for everybody and this nutritionist theorizes that ” you might lose weight from wherever you last gained it. “If you tend to gain weight around your waist, you’ll likely lose weight from your midsection first as well.”

So what does that mean when you are trying to lose weight and be slim thick?

It means that you have to take this all into account.  This means also another part of any weight loss journey you cannot compare yourself with anyone else, because everyone is different. You can take note of what has worked for other people, but knowing your body and where you tend to gain and lose weight easily is important also.

For example, I have a friend that when she gains weight, she is like a lot of women and gains it to her boobs first, but she doesn’t want this as she feels she is big enough and would prefer it go to her booty.  However, it doesn’t so she has to follow a slim thick workout plan for her lower half.

I have a family member, who has really small breasts that have like shriveled like raisins after childbirth but has a natural “25” inch waist (with no waist training) and a Nicki Minaj butt. All her weight gravitates to her bottom half and that is where her weight gain centralizes…we should all be so lucky huh!

When choosing what to eat you have to remember this, especially if you are working out because let’s say you are like the friend whose weight goes first to her boobs and she does a slim thick workout plan she needs to make sure that she is fueling her booty with good healthy proteins to build that lean muscle as she works out her glutes, thighs, etc.

At the end of the day genetics, a slim thick workout plan, a healthy calorie reduction all have to be married together to find the perfect regimen that will get you the results you need.

You got this, take notes, journaling can be your friend, whenever you are any journey and this my friend should be fun and not a stressful one, don’t feel the need to rush anything take your time, listen to your body and do what is right for you.