Sometimes trying to figure out what home remedies will work without you looking a hot mess can be confusing.  Tumeric is one of the beauty treatments that can be beautiful or a disaster depending on what approach you take. So if you don’t want to look like an orange character off a children’s television show or a living walking meme than stay tuned because;

Today I will break down how you can achieve a sun kissed glow with the application of turmeric without getting too messy!

Does turmeric stain skin permanently?

Turmeric does not stain the skin permanently but by using it daily you can give your skin a radiant glow with a bit of color. Sometimes sunless tanners can irritate your skin, however turmeric has antibacterial properties that helps to keep your skin clear. Additionally, turmeric contains a powerful anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant called curcumin, which has been used to treat many skin and digestive issues.

However, before jumping on the turmeric bandwagon I suggest you sample an area of your skin (preferably not your face) to make sure you are not allergic to turmeric. A key thing to remember if that you are a person who is already allergic to spice naturally that maybe a sign that turmeric might not be for you.

As such, you less likely to experience the level of irritation you would with sunless tanners.





Homemade/DIY Tumeric + Coconut Oil Face Mask 


What you need:

  • 1 cup of organic coconut oil
  • 3 teaspoons of turmeric


  1. Wash face to remove impurities
  2. Mix coconut oil and turmeric together in a small bowl or jar
  3. Apply the mask carefully avoiding the eyes
  4. Let it sit for a few minutes then rinse it off completely

Rinse out completely is an very important step to avoid the staining of your clothes that tumeric is infamous for.

Make sure to store in a cool, dry, place. 

In order to avoid staining your fingers, we suggest using gloves for the entire duration of your application.

Slather it on your skin twice daily to build a natural sun kissed glow sans the sun.




How do you remove turmeric stains from skin?

Removing tumeric stains from your skin can be very tricky! As a matter of fact, online you will find many articles that will tell you to use baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and lemon/sugar scrub.  Although these may work they can also irritate the skin and could be very harsh on the face.  A gentler way is to try warming some olive oil and apply to the skin then wash it off. 

Does turmeric make your skin yellow?

Turmeric can make your skin a yellow color that is why it is important to not overdue the any application on your face. Also you have to make sure to follow the directions carefully whenever you are making a diy turmeric face mask.

Indian brides have traditionally used turmeric as part of their wedding ceremonies to to boost their skin and brighten up their glow before their special day.

Does turmeric darken skin?

Turmeric does not appear to darken skin and if it did we do not see anything wrong with that! Melanin skin is beautiful and helps your skin stay young looking! Melanin is what gives our skin its pigment and according to a 2009 study, turmeric was shown to prevent the formation of wrinkles and melanin. On the contrary, turmeric is often used as a skin brightening agent. The anti-inflammatory agent, circumin helps to reduce puffiness, boost circulation, and aids in detoxification. All in all this helps to give a radiant glow and brighter looking skin!


How long does turmeric stain last on skin?

Numeric stain can last on your skin for several days. Think of turmeric stain as just a dye that got on your skin. So like with any dye how long the stain lasts will different based on your skin properties. Keep in mind your skin cells will naturally turnover and the pigment will eventually shed. As mentioned above try removing with olive oil and here are some general tips of how to remove dye if you need it gone from your skin sooner.

If you prefer natural before heading to the store to buy are a product then turmeric might just the spice you need in your beauty arsenal.  When done right turmeric can stain your skin in a good way and can be a perfect addition to your beauty routine. So don’t be scared…try out this ancient tradition that has proven itself as a skin glowing magnet.




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