Even though we are often taught beauty is pain, proper waist training is not supposed to hurt.

I’ve been successfully waist training for months pain-free and if the waist training process is hurting you then something is wrong.

Contrary to all the urban legends out there about corsets and waist training, waist training is not supposed to hurt.  When you waist train properly and take your time you will eventually see results.


How should a waist trainer feel?

A waist trainer should feel like that a snug hug like from a strong embrace.  It shouldn’t be pinching your skin or causing any major discomfort if it does it might be the wrong size, you might be in a waist trainer that is too small.

Many feel that beauty is pain, but that is not the case with waist training.

The number #1 rule is to listen to your body, you will hear that time and time again when it comes to waist training.

Comfort is key with waist training because you are less likely to continue it if it’s not comfortable. Don’t get me wrong they are some people that will endure whatever in the name of beauty.

However, a waist trainer shouldn’t be exacting pain, in actuality, waist trainers have been known to give back support and help with posture. Research has shown that an improved posture can help with back pain and many users report that the improved posture can be helped with a waist trainer, especially for those who may be suffering from poor posture from sitting at a desk cubicle all day.



Is it normal for your stomach to hurt after wearing a waist trainer?

It is not normal for your stomach to hurt wearing a waist trainer. From a sensory level, there may be an adjustment period where you need to get used to waist training. For example, the compression in your abdomen area causes a different feel for different people. Some people enjoy the feeling–it can feel like a snug hug and we all know hugs can be a good comforting feeling. However, if you are wearing a waist trainer and it causes your stomach to hurt you need to do the following.

  • If you are wearing a waist training corset
  • Make sure you have properly seasoned your corset
  • Make sure you are not tight lacing–which is not necessary

Please read this article where I discuss the importance of seasoning your corset and how to make the process more comfortable. Also, here are some quick tips to follow:

If you are wearing a waist trainer/cincher

  • Make sure you have the right size
  • Make sure you are not sizing down too early

In short, there is no reason that you should be uncomfortable to the degree that your stomach is hurting. If your stomach was not hurting before you are waist training it should not be hurting after you are waist training.

Why is my waist trainer hurting me?

Your waist trainer should not be hurting you…I repeat it should not be hurting you. Recently, I was helping out a family member who had begun waist training and she mentioned her corset was causing her pain.  I tried to walk her through everything she should be doing but ultimately I told her I would come over that night and check her out.

This family member has had medical conditions in the past, so I wanted her to be extra cautious with what she was doing.

Long story short, it appeared that it was due to “tight-lacing” and also because seasoning was not done.

Even if you are not using a waist training corset but more of a waist trainer/cincher you have to make sure you are not trying to close down your clasp or zipper too quickly in the next size.

It seems for most of the complaints I have received about a waist training hurting it was mostly due to sizing down quickly and/or did not have the right size to begin with.

So basically, the pinching and discomfort they are experiencing is user error.

There is a tendency for our society to want to RUSH results.

We all get mad at people who tempt us with “clickbait” claims of how you can slim down in 2 seconds if you drink this concoction or try this hack.

However, we create insanity with our insatiable need for immediate results, it has enveloped our psyche as we are a society of “got to have it now.”

This means that we rush things like waist training that shouldn’t be rushed.

There really is no need, you can and will get results with a proper regimen.