If eyes are the window to your soul then puffy eyes are telling all your business! 

Look at a person’s eyes and can you tell how they are feeling both physically and mentally. Therefore, its important to show good health with bright eyes and smooth skin. This is why today, we will be discussing  some puffy eyes home remedies that come to the rescue and help perk up your appearance.

So let’s get it popping and dig into what puffy home remedies are out there that actually work!


How do you get rid of puffy eyes fast?

Rose Water 

Rose water has healing properties that can make your eyes feel rested almost immediately.

If you can not get a hold of fresh rose water. Then make your own rose water.  It is really easy to make. 

Potato Slices 

If you want a puffy eye remedy that helps to get rid of puffy eyes fast try potato slices. The catecholse, an enzyme found in potatoes is used in a lot of well-known cosmetic as a way to lighten skin and diminish dark eye circles.  

Potatoes will help reduce puffiness by constricting the blood vessels under your eyes.

Directions: Try putting thin slices of potato over your eyes for  approximately 15-20 minutes. 

minutes.   Make sure to moisturize after using the potato because it can be an astringent.


Hold two chilled teaspoons on your eyes for approximately 5-10 minutes. 

Witch Hazel

We can’t forget our old school selection from our puffy eyes home remedies roundup.  A cotton ball soaked in witch hazel and left on your eyes for approximately 10 minutes is an age-old puffy eye remedy. 


What can you do to reduce puffy eyes?

 There are several natural puffy eye solutions in order to help reduce your puffy eyes.

Let’s take a look at a few everday solutions:


How to get rid of tired puffy eyes naturally?

  • Drink plenty of water–dehydration cause blood vessels to be more prominent
  • Don’t worship the sun to much–sun can breakdown the skin around the eyes
  • Looking at a computer screen all day
  • Sleep position with how your eyes and gravitational forces on how it rests on the pillow
  • Watch your contact with second hand smoke

Additionally, another puffy eye home remedy is watch the heavy moisturizer and oils that can cause puffiness to the eyes.   The reason being is that these substances can  get into your eyes it could potentially clog your tear ducts and cause puffiness.

How do you get rid of puffy eyes in the morning?


One of the most important aspects is to try to get some sleep, but that’s enigma in and of itself.  Sleep is the best beauty treatment of them all (singing this is my Disney Little Mermaids Ariel Voice). 

Using a humidifier can help with dry places like your home and your office.

So why even bother with a humidifier for puffy eyes remedy?

Because, having moisture in the air can help to reduce swelling and bagginess under the eyes.


Puffy Eyes Remedies


Here a few tried and tasted puffy eye home remedies for eye bags that have stood the test of time.  Many women have been using these remedies for centuries to calm their skin and ease the irritation and inflammation associated with puffy eyes. 











Cucumber has antioxidants that will help to reduce inflammation and irritation

and is a natural home remedy for eye bags.

We have generations of movie scenes to vouch for this age-old beauty remedy.

Directions: Place each one on your eye for approximately 10 minutes.  

It will help to reduce the the puffiness beneath and around the eye.


Chamomile tea is anti-inflammatory and it also has calming properties which

will help with swelling and revitalize overworked eyes.

Grab two tea bags and soak in warm water then chill for a few minutes then place on eyes for 5 minutes

Also, caffeine has anti-inflammatory benefits as well, you can try teas with caffeine.

So an alternative solution is two used green teabags into the freezer and lay these on the closed eyelids for  minutes.

The cold will cause the blood vessels to contract and the swelling to be reduced


Egg whites have skin-tightening properties that can help ease puffiness around the eyes.

Whip some egg white until they become stiff then gently apply under your eye.

Wait several minutes then rinse off.

Alternatively, you can leave after letting it dry naturally before applying makeup


How to get rid of puffy eyes from crying?


After a good cry and your eyes are swollen from cryiing soak cotton balls with milk and apply to your closed eyes and rinse off after 15-20 minutes. Many of milk components such as lactic acid and other vitamins A & D are known to help calm the skin.  Milk is a readily available and inexpensive solution to reduce swollen eyes from crying and is a simple way to deflate puffy eyes.


How to get rid of puffy under eyes?

One way to get rid of puffy eyes is via your diet.  Puffy eyes  occur when there is excess fluid, Hydrating foods and circulation-boosting antioxidants are a natural way to get rid of puffiness under the eyes.


Here are some foods to eat to get rid of puffy under eyes!



Improve the circulation to the eyes


Improve the circulation to the eyes


Can help to improve puffiness


Boosts the skin around the eyes


Has antioxidants that support eye health



What foods causes puffy eyes?


Foods with too much sodium can be a big culprit of why you have puffy eyes.  So try to watch the fast food and switch out unhealthy snacks and sides with more healthier options (i.e. switch out fries for a side salad, etc). The problem with salt is that excess slat in your diet can make your body retain water.

Then when you go to lay down at night some of the fluid retention leftover after your salty meal gets redistributed to your face thereby causing puffy eyes and under-eye bags. 



What are some under-eye bags treatments for puffy eyes?


A natural under-eye bag treatment to try to help remove eye bags is to try soy milk.  Soy in anti-inflammatory so it can help with the swelling in your eyes.

Studies have shown that applying soy milk extract can help with skin elasticity and also helps to stimulate hyaluronic acid.

Make sure the milk is cold because the cold temperature will help shrink swollen under-eye tissue. Also this should help them appear less bloodshot because the cold milk should help with constricting the veins.



Pour soy milk into the bowl

Place two cotton balls into the bowl

Make sure you are relaxed and lying down

Ring out any excess and place gently on your eyes


The cool thing about doing natural puffy eyes home remedies is that since the skin is so thing there it is probably best to diy so that you can be as gentle as possible with ingredients close to nature. Out tired eyes are under constant strain, with overexposure to computer and television screens but with puffy eyes home remedies you can fix this issue and take years off of your face!



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