Oh FUPA how we loathe thee…and your might be wondering if waist trainers are any good for your FUPA?

Well today, we will break down the different facets of waist training vs. FUPA.

The right waist trainer can be helpful for FUPA.  A good waist trainer for FUPA is one that is long enough to cover your stomach area while also holding in any muffin top which oftentimes exists with FUPAThe best type of waist trainer for a FUPA is one that is sturdy with steel bones that can compress the FUPA down.

What is a FUPA?


FUPA means “fat uppper pubic area” and basically it is that fatty area right above your upper pubic bone.

Ok if you are like “what” still then let’s speak real talk.

It’s that fat fleshy area right above your panty line.  It’s been there for years many people just categorizing it as “belly fat”  until Beyonce mentioned it a few years ago thereby elevating it into mainstream of  “body terms” such as “thigh gap, peach booty, etc.  

What does a FUPA look like?

Everyone’s FUPA looks different they are some that are milder and no big deal but below are the pictures of the more intense forms of FUPA.


How do you train a FUPA?


Both males and females can use a waist trainer to help “train a FUPA.” However, please note that waist training can only take you so far depending on how much FUPA there is.

For some people, if the FUPA is bad enough they may still need some more supportive shaper undergarments because a waist trainer can only cover so much.

However, if your goal is to waist train the FUPA and help your body to actually change like your waist to get smaller  overtime you need some real diet and exercise to actually reduce body fat.  

Are waist trainers bad for pelvic floor?

I have been waist training for several months and I have had no issues with my pelvic floor. Additionally, I naturally practice kegels, waist training has not affected my ability to practice kegel exercises so this may also be a reason that my pelvic floor has stayed intact.

When waist trainers got real popular several years ago there were several warnings around waist training.  One of those being is that it weakens and makes your muscles in your core lazier because you are not engaging them when you are wearing a corset.  However, I argue I wasn’t engaging them sitting down for 8+ hours at a desk at work either!  However, honestly, I feel the best way to counteract that is to just exercise your core along with waist training.  As a matter of fact, before you put on your waist trainer for whatever shift you are waist training for 8 hours, 10 hours, etc just leave some time out to actively engage your core muscles if you are afraid that a waist trainer will have detrimental effects on your pelvic floor.

Waist training is not a substitute for exercise, you can exercise your core alongside your waist training regimen, which also helps to boost your results. 

What is the best waist trainer for lower belly fat?

When you are trying to cinch in your lower body fat it is important to get a steel-boned corset.  Try a longer one to make sure you are getting all that lower belly FAT and FUPA compressed in as much as possible. Steel-boned corsets are the gold standard to keep your lower belly fat compressed in to give you the best possible “snatched” looked.

What exercises get rid of FUPA?

In general, the best exercises to get rid of FUPA are focused on the lower abdomen. Cardio can help keep your body in a good fat-burning zone which is not only good for your body overall but also since calorie deficit is important for FUPA that boost of cardio can really help keep your calorie deficit in order.

You definitely you want to check out Mr. London on YouTube who has plenty of videos designated to address FUPA along with FUPA challenges.

Does waist trainer flatten stomach?

A waist trainer can help to flatten your stomach and give it a more slimming look.  A waist trainer can immediately give you a “snatched” look as the waist trainer will compress your stomach area in as long as you have the waist trainer on, however, your stomach area will revert back when it is off.  However, perhaps an inadvertent way the waist trainer can help to flatten a stomach in this manner, sometimes waist training can prevent overeating which can help to reduce belly fat, so it’s the calorie reduction that can decrease excess belly flat in essence the waist trainer did in fact help with flattening your body. 

Here is the reality of waist training your belly fat is your belly fat and diet and exercise is the real key to flattening your stomach.  However, I have noticed the following with regard to my belly being flatter since waist training. Waist training tends to help me stand more erect so just my posture alone helps me to change how my stomach appears have you ever noticed a slouchy appearance makes your seem more flabby?

A lot of people will have some level of FUPA but depending on the degree of it will depend on how much a waist trainer can help you.  To help with this visual think of the extreme like a someone on My 600lb life, that person has a lot of FUPA and it will overwhelm the waist trainer.

The best waist trainer for the lower stomach area where the FUPA is, is one that has the structure to keep your FUPA in.  So you want to have some steel boning in there. A good quality waist trainer (with light steel bones for flexibility while working out) and also a steel boned waist training corset for time when you are not working out.  Also, you need to make sure your main waist training corset has a longer length to keep as much of your lower belly pooch in as possible. 

Also, I always seemed bloated and without changing any weight losing any pounds I TRULY FEEL that my stomach overall looks flat. The other day I was at the beach and I kept getting asked how my stomach stays so flat after two kids. My family has noticed the difference as well.

 So my personal experience is that it has flatten my stomach.  

Best Shapewear for FUPA?


A faja is some of the best shapewear for FUPA.


Because before there was Spanx or all these other shapewear brands, the original shapewear was the “girdle.” Girdles have been shaping people since back in the day like corseting.  Faja’s which is the Spanish word for ‘girdle’ are known for their intense compression which is the goal for shapewear.  Remember that shapewear is not waist training because you are not training your waist. I discuss the differences between fajas and waist training corset in this article as well. 

I don’t care how many shapewear companies keep telling you that.  If they do not have the body modifying substance like “steel bones” that will slowly morph your body over a period of time then it is not waist training.  However, you can achieve temporary results as long as you are in your faja.

For years faja’s kind of fell out of favor with the general public except for die hard faja fans and they were mainly used for post-op surgery care to provide compression for BBL’s, tummy tucks, etc.  However, about a decade ago, a resurgence occurred and fajas had a comeback that have remained steady option for shapewear alongside the ever popular waist trainer. 



Although waist trainers will not totally erase FUPA especially if it’s real bad.  I do believe that waist trainers can be good for FUPA and can assist with your lower belly pooch and help to keep it in check.