I Waist trainers are awesome and a proper waist trainer can do wonders for snatching your waist.  And no I have not drunk the Kardashian kool aid about waist training its just that I have been able to achieve a smaller waist by 4 inches in  a few months by waist training so I know it works! I wanted to start off with that to let you know that waist training can effectively snatch your waist but…..

A) It also depends on the effort you put in because;

B) Ultimately the results you get will depend on your efforts and also the type of waist trainer you get

However, I can tell you from my recent experience that waist training works and is currently snatching my waist as I am typing this out!

Today I will break down how you can actually use a waist trainer to snatch your waist and give you some tips and hacks on how I am getting my waist on thinna!

A waist trainer can effectively snatch your waist in the short term and the long term with proper maintenance. You can snatch your waist immediately by wearing a proper waist training corset and can take inches off your waist to give the appearance of a smaller waist.  The best waist trainer to use to get effective results to snatch your waist is one with steel bones that will help to mold your shape.  In the long term with continued use by using a steel boned  waist trainer you can snatch your waist in the long term.

Can you get a smaller waist with a waist trainer?


You can definitely get a smaller waist I am proof positive you can.  I have been waist training for the past few months, since April 2, 2021 and I have gone from a size 29 to size 25 thus far. In order to achieve a smaller waist with a waist trainer is to make sure you are training your waist in the right way. No fake plastic waist trainers–steel bone only and make sure to do it daily.  In the picture above you see with the heart background with the corset on I am a size 24 fully fastened, when I take off the waist trainer I am a size “25.” I consider my true waist size without the corset on, so effectively I have lost “4” inches waist training!


How long does it take for your waist to get smaller and show results?


The length of time it will take for you to show results can vary. The question is how much are you ready to supercharge your waist training regimen.  Here are some of the factors that will determine how long it will take you to show your results:


  • Are you willing to change your diet and exercise?
  • Are you willing to engage in a healthy calorie reduction regimen?
  • Are you going to properly season your corset?
  • Are you going to wear your corset for a least 8-10 hours?

So why are these things are important?

When it comes to diet, exercise, and a healthy calorie reduction regimen you can help to kickstart your waist training results by doing things that are good for getting the sometime stubborn fat deposit and work together with waist training in a happy marriage.  It’s a 50-50 thing, you do your part by eating right and exercising and then the waist training does its part.  You work together and the results can happen way quicker.

In my case, I will be honest I did not do any real dieting or exercising that I stuck to. I  have been on and off but in the future I will give a more detailed account of exact journey with a lot of details even going into the minutia but for right now let’s cut to the chase.  My first two weeks on waist training with no real diet or exercise I lost over 1/2 inch off my waist and within two months of waist training I was down three inches I went down from a size 29 to a size 26.  Although, I didn’t stick to a consistent regiment of exercising I did however try to walk everyday at least 5K miles and I wore my corset even while walking.

However, toward the end I discontinued my walks because it got to be too hot outside and I didnt want to pass out from heat exhaustion and unfortunately I early morning walks were discontinued due to my hellish job I had to log in early for because they were short staffed as always!

Seasoning your corset is very important to make sure that your corset is comfortable and also will not be warped and to ensure it will mold to your shape so that the corset can properly do its work. Having discomfort is important because this will help you want to keep on the corset longer which in order to achieve faster results consistent wearing is important for several hours.  Specifically, most suggest between 8-10 hours at minimum daily for good results.  I often would corset for up to 12 hours comfortably with no issues.  I would corset for the equivalent for a workday and since I was working from home since the pandemic it was easy to keep track of. I just put on my corset before work and then an hour or two after work.

I cannot overstate how important seasoning is to the process and having a comfortable corset.  My very first corset is a size “24” [that is the black one you see pictured in the heartbackground].  Since I can successfully close to a size “24” I had to start using my next corset I had which is a size “22.” The current corset I have is not comfortable and although it is a size “22” its small to fit and its more like a size “20.” The size being off however does not have anything to do with my comfort level I just setting up what is going on.  Since I just recently started waist training with a corset I do not know if its just that the first time I was so hyped that I did not notice being uncomfortable or is this type of corset is not for me.  However, I find myself not wanting to wear it all day like I used to and taking it off after 4-5 hours instead of the 10-12 I used to do with ease.  

It feels like this corset is taking longer to season and also is digging into my skin more by more bra line.  To the point, I am considering just buying the style I used to have which is the plain black one pictured above.  I am stuck at a computer all day, working cases and dealing with mean people all day and even after hours I am still working. I cannot stress how important it is for me to be comfortable. I love waist training but it is a portion of my life not my whole life.  So trust and believe when I say you are more likely to continue on your waist training journey when you have a more comfortable waist trainer/corset. 


Do waist trainers give you an hourglass figure?


I know the internet stay giving you unrealistic images and claims of how you can “lose weight in 20 seconds” or “get this result in just an hour” however I can honestly say that waist trainers actually help with giving you an hour glass figure.


Having a narrower waist that is cinching in is a defining aspect of having an hourglass figure.   Hence the all the craze around getting a thinner waist by what seems any means necessary by all the products that are out there to get your waist thin.

Here is the key however, with all these there are other aspects of being a hourglass.

That is a well-defined waist, and bust and hip measurements being similar. So what if your bust to hip measurements are not aligned…well even if you waist measurements go down you still would not have what is considered a hourglass figure by definition.

However, let’s say your bust and hips were equal in size but your waist was not narrow.  Well then you have 2 out of the 3 of the usual requirements for being an hourglass (i.e bust-waist-to hip ratio) and the waist trainer can help get that snatched look and get you with the hourglass figure going.


So if you were considering waist narrowing surgery do yourself a favor and skip the scalpel and if you really want to get a hour glass waist try waist training instead because waist trainers actually do work!