anWhen I first put on my waist trainer I was shook on how waist training could immediately made my bum and breast appear bigger.

Waist training has the unique ability to provide some amazing immediate results like an instant svelte silhouette hourglass figure with a boob lift and a butt lift. That is one of the many reasons you may fall in love with waist training.   Even while you are working on the long term results of a snatched waist there are other benefits that can happen more instantaneously like the appearance of a bigger breast and a bigger butt. This is especially the case if you are wearing a waist training corset that works like an underwire to push up your boobs like a push up bra. It also indents down in the rear portion to give the appearance of a bigger butt. Wearing a waist trainer will appear like you got a BBL and boob job all at once.

As a matter of fact, if you plan to get a BBL and a boob job and you don’t want to make it seem like you changed overnight I would consider trying a corset so that the most recent image would be one of you with a  plumper bum and bigger breasts!


Can a waist trainer make you thick?


A waist trainer does not make you thick, being “thick” has to do with your body shape and body proportions generally with a key emphasis on “booty, boobs, hips and legs.”  So waist training in and of itself doesn’t make you thick but it can help give the appearance of being thick.

So how does a waist trainer make you look thick?

Well consider what happens when you snatch your waist with a waist trainer all of a sudden your waist looks smaller in comparison with your hips and that hourglass type illusion and the juxtaposition of such a tiny waistline in proportion to your now lifted  boobs that are perked up and looked bigger  makes your booty and boobs look plumper thereby you look thicker.  

However, let’s say you are skinny like Paris Hilton skinny there is no amount of waist training that will make you look thick.  However, let’s say you got something to work with then a waist trainer may give the appearance of being thick.

The ability for the waist training to give you the appearance of bigger boobs and accentuate the butt only can make you look thick–two key areas of what being thick consists of.



Does waist training make your breast bigger?

Waist training does not make your breast bigger, however, it will lift your breast and make them appear perkier and bigger.

However, once the waist trainer comes off your breast will revert back.  This is because a waist trainer is not changing anything regarding your breast tissue it is all about the allusion like what Victoria’s Secret push-up bra would do.  So in the case of the Victoria Secret bra when the bra comes off so does that massive padding and push up.  The same situation occurs with waist training when the waist trainer comes off the extra push up is gone and your breasts will go back to their original state.


Will a waist trainer get rid of your pooch?

Waist training can help hid your pooch, but you still need a proper diet and exercise to get rid of all that excess body fat.  We have all seen those viral videos especially from Shapermint of people with FUPA tucking it in this amazing shapewear and/or waist trainer and when that waist trainer comes off the belly fat is still there because a waist trainer does not get rid of the pooch it just helps to hide the pooch.

So you maybe wondering where does this fat go when corset training?

Waist trainers are moving your fat and compressing all that squishy flesh down, it, unfortunately, will be there to greet you “hello” once you take off your waist trainer.

A waist trainer will help to flatten your stomach as long as you have it on, and if you really need to try to get rid of a pooch I would suggest a longer line corset to hide the area as best as possible.

Does wearing a waist trainer give you curves?

A waist trainer can give you curves both instantly and more long-term.  A waist trainer can give you curves instantly by the mere cinching of the waist and helping you achieve a more hourglass look with a snatched waist.  Part of the concept of being “curvy” is that your body is not a straight line and your waists go inward like a “curvy road” or a “snake.”  Therefore, a waist trainer can definitely help to achieve a curvy look.

If you truly want to achieve want the curves in the long term that a waist trainer can give you it is very important that your waist training with the steel boned corset daily for several hours a day.  Otherwise, those worthless other plastic-type waist trainers will work like shapewear in that while they are on your body you will look snatched but once it is off you waist will revert back to normal. 

In conclusion, waist training can definitely help shape up your figure if you and make your bum and breasts look bigger.  It can help to give you that coke bottle shape and give you’re the “curves in all the right places” or so they say.

There is nothing wrong with this at all, however, I invite you to be okay with yourself when the waist training comes out because I am all about changing the outside if that is what you want just as long as the inside you know you are fire with or without the waist trainer.