If you are dreading your muffin top today I want to show you how you can use waist training to help get rid of muffin top.

Muffin top was the original body issue that many wanted to fix due to the low-rise jeans we were wearing during the Y2K generation.  We wanted to think we looked like Destiny Child or Paris Hilton but for many of us Y2K girls we might have been more like Y2k Britney with a hint of muffin top around the brim.  Honestly, were are not hear-to-body shame so if you are okay with muffin top I am okay with you.

However, I am happy to say that we can reclaim our mid-section and muffin top with the help of a waist trainer. In summary, a waist trainer can effectively help with a muffin top in that it helps to compress the mid-section area and help to hide the fleshy love handle area. 


How does a waist trainer help with a muffin top?

A waist trainer can help with a muffin top because it will help to change your body over time for a more slimmer waistline. In the short run, the benefit of a waist trainer is that it will immediately help contain the muffin top underneath your corset.  In the long run, proper diet and exercise are important to run parallel with your waist training regimen if you want to up your results.  However, in the meantime waist training can do a lot for helping to slim your waist.  The more excess fat deposit and muffin top that you have the more you will need to have something else to help out the waist trainer.

What is the best exercise for a muffin top?

It is always best to combine your waist training regimen with a proper exercise regimen especially if you want to see faster results.

Here are some exercises that is proven to help with muffin top, affectionately known as love handles

Try these exercises to help get rid of muffin top, while also wearing a waist trainer to slim your waist as you change up your shape!

  • Side Bends 
  • Bridges 
  • Side Planks 
  • Russian Twist 
  • Toe touches 
  • Flutter Kicks 



Russian Twist

Try this simple abdominal exercise to help with love handles by twisting your body from side to side.


  • 10 Reps for 3 Sets

Side Bends

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart

Bend to one side and hold these poses for a few seconds

Alternate the sides, try this for 30 seconds for 3 Sets

Toe Touch

The toe touch is a great exercise to to help get rid of muffin top as it will help engage your core muscles as you reach up high to the heavens.

  • Do this for 30 secs for 3 Sets

Flutter Kicks

Lie down and extend legs to a 45-degree angle

Keep your legs straight together 

Start lowering one leg and alternating between them

Repeat this for 30 seconds for Two Sets


Bridges are a double whammy exercise because it not only engages your core but also helps with your glutes, so you can help gain booty while also blasting muffin top.


  • Do 3 Reps of 20 for 2 Sets

Side Plank

Planks are known as one of the most effective exercises for working love handles and getting rid of muffin top, try some side planks and add in a dose of just regular planks also if you really want to get rid of muffin top. 


  • Do 3 Reps of 10 for 3 Sets

If you want to see some other muffin top exercises in action, then check out this video.

Can a corset get rid of a muffin top?


A proper steel boned corset can effectively help you get rid of muffin top, however, it is in a sort of kind of way.

This is why. The fat bulge that is a muffin top is not going to permanently magically go away just because you have on a corset.

A corset will however hide your midsection and compress that fat deposits will be compressed and tucked in under the corset.

However, when the corset comes out muffin top will reign once more.

So in essence you are not getting rid of fat you are just redistributing the fat.

The important thing to consider when picking the corset when the goal is to get rid of muffin top is to make sure that it is long enough that you can tuck in your muffin top.  You want to get the longest line corset you can find that you can still comfortably sit down it.  Especially if you have major muffin top and you have more fat deposits that need to be compressed down and maintained under the corset.