Rather it is waist training with an ace bandage or saran wrap…there are so many so-called internet hacks to waist training. To the point, it can be tricky to figure out what if any alternative solutions you have to standard waist training. Well today, we will look at some of the most common waist training questions when it comes to waist training with wraps so you can figure out what is the real deal. So that you can get that waist snatched for real this time!

Waist training with an ace bandage will not give you any permanent results.  It will work more like Spanx or other shapewear endeavors.  Wrapping or binding your body with Ace bandage will give you the temporary look of a smaller waist but will your waist will revert back to its original size once the Ace bandages are removed.

Can you waist train with Ace bandage?

Waist training with Ace bandage will be a futile albeit sysphian task at best.  You will go through all that trouble to bind your body with Ace bandages which by the way are not reusable so there is the cost if you plan to continue with this all the time.  Rather you are trying to slim your waist for a one-time event or the long term there are still better options.

 Ace bandages do not have the capability to waist train because they last one of the key elements to waist training and that is steel boning.  Steel boning that is present in waist training corsets is what is needed to train your waist at a minimum for semi-permanent to permanent results. Otherwise, all you will do is bind your body and your flesh will compress while the Ace bandage is on there.  At most, if you are sweating you might shed a few pounds due to water weight will easily return later.

Can saran wrap be used as a waist trainer?

Saran wrap is not a viable option for a waist trainer for some of the same reasons that ace bandage is not.  The concept of plastic has been around for years and I remember seeing mostly “men” running with garbage bags when I was a kid trying to lose weight.  

The idea was that you wear this bag to hold in your sweat and help you lose weight faster.  However, often the time the weight loss would be temporary and all those people I saw running with garbage bags never had any noteworthy achievements because it was just water weight. If you try saran wrap as a pseudo waist trainer you may achieve some water weight loss but it will not give you’re the results like a waist trainer.

There is no comparison to the snatched slim waist you can achieve with a real waist training corset that will mold your waist into place and not just give you temporary water weight loss that ain’t worth nothing…you can save your saran wrap for your next casserole because it serves no purpose in the waist training game.


Do wrap waist trainers work?

Wrap waist trainers may not work as much as you would like them to.  The thing about wrap waist trainers is that they are not typically any steel bones in the waist trainer so that means it’s not going to help you slim down your waist in the long run.  You may get some temporary slimming effects due to water weight loss.  There are some wrap waist trainers that tout weight loss during your fitness routine due to sweat.

 However, the best workout waist trainer is going to be one that is flexible enough to move with your workout without the constriction of a traditional workout.

Can you lose belly fat by wrapping your stomach?

You can lose temporary belly fat by wrapping your stomach but notice I mention temporary because there is no permanency here.  What you will lose is water weight and it will not be any major belly fat you are losing. It is hard to centralize losing fat like that just in the belly region.  Your stomach fat is still there and it will take more than just wrap to lose any real belly fat.   People have use stomach wrappings such as seaweeds wraps which are known for the skin tightening properties for special events for temporary belly fat reduction. Also, clay body wraps are also a popular technique to try to flush out the toxins of your body and can  perhaps produce temporary slimming effects to the stomach area also with its toning abilities.